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From Practical to Magical

I adore fashion.

The affair started when I was just a little girl, and I’d devour each issue of Vogue to select something truly avant-garde for my mother to sew. She was a fabulous seamstress and could make my fashion dreams come true, season after season.

Nearly 40 years later (with an accounting degree and lots of retail and business experience under my belt), I’m fortunate to have turned my passion for style, clothing, and boutique buying into a thriving business of my own.

Simply put, I help stores become that “go-to” boutique, using targeted buying and customized inventories. And my services are anything but one size fits all.

I design buying strategies to suit a store’s target markets and to meet their own growth goals by considering all the unique variables that make up a store’s identity. Finally, I help source the hippest trends at the best prices, but always, always keeping an eye on quality materials and fabrications.

So how do I do all this? Honestly, it’s part practical and part magical.

I’ve worked many years making buying decisions for my own stores and cultivating key connections throughout the clothing industry—both large and small. I scour markets, sometimes picking out just a few gems that fit my criteria: fabulous looking, great quality, and priced right.

My buying experience is key to this process, but there’s also my instinct for this business that must come from my love of fashion and the years I’ve spent absorbing the looks, trends, and cuts of garments.

I suppose I have a nose for clothes and there’s a kind of magic that happens when I pull lines together to create a classy and sassy book of business for my clients. And by mixing my practical accounting background with my creative flair for what works, I aim to deliver a buying service that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Let’s discuss it sometime. Your place or mine?

Jacqui Holmes owns LA Fashion Concepts.

Check out her Instagram @lafashionconcepts or give her a call at 626.491.2940

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