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LAFC buying service options include:

1)  Shop

Each week, hundreds of photos are uploaded of ready-to-ship styles. This option is an excellent way to bring in fresh inventory on a weekly basis. LAFC negotiates lower prices that help to offset our commissions. There is no commitment to buy or minimum purchase.

2) With customized buying, we provide you with photos of styles we research to fit your boutique. We familiarize ourselves with your business through social media, phone conferences and inspiration photos that you provide. You retain full control of your purchases. This option has a minimum dollar amount and is on an invoice commission basis.

3) If you would like to discover the LA Fashion District in person, hire LAFC for a full day and we will be your personal guide. This option gives you access to our expertise and makes your trip more productive. We navigate the district quickly, giving you time to explore new showrooms. This service is based on a flat rate.


4) LAFC can also represent you at major buying markets such as Magic, Dallas and LA market. We can provide private labeling, consolidated shipping and consulting.

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