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About Us:

Our partnership with you:

  • I  have 18 years of experience as a fashion buyer in the San Pedro and Los Angeles wholesale marts as well as in New York and Dallas. In addition, I personally have 13 years of experience as a successful boutique owner.

  • We keep goods in your store in time for peak selling periods by seeking out the latest styles at the best prices through our vendor relationships.

  • We do the legwork to locate those must-have trends and accessories to give you add-on sales.

  • We personalize your buys to your store and needs. We give an accurate depiction of the styles we have found in our searches.

  • We do not mark up your purchases. Our fees are solely commission based.

  • Our main goal is to save you time and travel money to make your store more profitable.

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About the Buyer:


Jacqueline Holmes has 18 years of hard buying experience in the fashion industry. She has spent years navigating the LA markets to find the best and most profitable lines for her own sales floors. This is where the BIG difference is. Jacqueline knows the retail AND wholesale side of the industry. She knows what will move on your sales floor, in your region, and how large a profit margin you can obtain. Many retailers are afraid to mark up their goods and therefore lose profit. Jacqueline can give you range of retail sales prices on your purchases. In addition, we can assist by purchasing complementary items such as jewelry and accessories. This is where your real money can be made. 

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