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Trade Show Buying or Consulting:

We attend major markets, including Magic in Las Vegas every February and August, Los Angeles Market Week and Dallas Market. This is a wonderful way to discover up-and-coming lines. In addition, many of the lines at Magic have showrooms in San Pedro Mart in Los Angeles. We can acquire new styles before they hit the online market at a discounted rate.  LAFC can also shop your existing lines at these markets if you are unable to attend.


Let us Help You on Your Next LA Buying Trip:

LAFC can help you navigate the assorted wholesale marts. San Pedro Mart is an overwhelming maze of hundreds of vendors. We have spent an extensive amount of time compiling lists of vendors by product type and style in order to make buying trips as efficient as possible. We charge a flat-rate fee per day for this service. This saves you time and money in the Los Angeles Fashion District.

Service Payment and Buying Options:

We invoice based on a commission rate of purchases we make on your behalf of your store.  We charge a flat-rate day fee for an initial introduction to the wholesale marts. We can chaperone your buying trips or simply do your buying for you based on your inventory needs. Our goal is to find the best way to maximize profits for your business and eliminate the stress of dealing with markets.


Accessing Product Photos and Reports:

Join our client WhatsApp to view our selections.

We specialize in Junior and Young Contemporary, Plus and Tween apparel and accessories. No matter your style or age demographic, we can fill your needs.

Product and/or Store Development Consulting:

If you are new to the retail market, we offer consultations at an hourly rate to assist with merchandising and pricing structures for your business. If you are wanting to start a private label line, we can help source ideas for new styles and tags through our collaboration with vendors and graphic designers.


Payment and Shipping for Purchases:

Your credit or PayPal is charged upon purchase. Wholesalers ship goods to your store or warehouse. Freight fees can be added to the invoice or charged to your UPS account.


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