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Spring Trends to Watch: Knits

Knits may sound strange as a trend for spring, but the colors and cuts of the knit pieces are changing the notion that knits are only for winter. With the popularity of knit mini's and crop tops, we'll see the knit trend emerge from winter warmth to bright pastel shades meant to be worn as the weather gets hot again.

Knits are essential as this material makes them whenever and wherever pieces. We'll continue to see the knit cardigans and sweaters, but we will also start to see more knit tanks and tee's alongside the trendy knit dresses.

Keep ribbed knits at the front of your mind too, as the edgy yet old school style comes into play as the knit trend becomes a favorite this spring. Ribbed knits will also become prominent as it gives a nod to the popular 90's trend emerging.

Look for scoop neck ribbed sweater dresses, pencil skirt sets, and tee's as the decade's styles make a comeback. No matter if it's a knit midi dress, crop top, or two-piece set, this knit trend is definitely something to add to your closet as this casual yet chic trend becomes popular this spring.

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