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Spring Trends To Watch: Lace-Up Detail

The lace-up trend continues as a transition from winter to spring, and puts a sexy twist on dresses and shirts. The best part about the lace-up detailing trend is it gives the person wearing the clothing the option to decide just how much skin they want to show, opposed to an 'all or nothing' type piece.

It's a subtle and seductive without showing too much skin, which is exactly the type of piece every female needs in her closet (and in her store). Lace-up detailing can go from as simple as on a black short sleeve shirt paired with jeans and booties, to stunning on a curve-hugging long sleeve mid-calf length dress with sleek heels. To master the lace-up detailing trend, less is more. Pair lace-up detailed shirts with simple distressed jeans, shorts, or a leather skirt, and finish off this look with sleek heels or booties or a motorcycle jacket for an edgier look. For a lace-up detailed dress, opt for thigh high boots or simple heels as well, and complete your look with beach-waved hair for a polished finish.

The versatility the lace-up trend has contributes largely to its popularity, and as to why this trend will continue to stay as we approach spring time. Lace-up detail on a simple A-line dress or long sleeve top has that versatility and maintains simplicity, while still giving that edgy yet sophisticated look.

From jeans in the winter to being paired with denim cutoffs , this is one trend sure to carry over into spring 2016.

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