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Traveling to Los Angeles can be a costly and frustrating experience. The wholesale markets are often difficult to navigate for even the most seasoned buyer. 


How do you know you are getting the lowest prices possible?


With all the consolidation companies and online sites, like Fashion Go, it can be impossible to know. Online buying is convenient, but how many times do you feel you have wasted your money on goods that are not of

the quality you expected?

Or you may have tried a buying service only to receive merchandise that is not what you pictured. The dress you ordered is a tunic. Or it shows up with details that were not pictured. I have been in that position as a boutique owner for 10 years with over 25 years of retail experience. I have tried to save travel costs by buying online and even tried a couple of the buying services out there.

It doesn't always work out as planned.


That is where LA Fashion Concepts comes in!

and be the first to shop new trends and exclusive promotions.